Destination Weddings



Destination weddings are now popular, despite the fact that the majority of brides can’t seem to break with tradition. Many people mistakenly believe that destination weddings can only be held in opulent, warm-weather locales, but that is only one type of destination wedding you can have. More and more couples are selecting wedding venues that hold special meaning for them.
It is first and foremost a vacation, and since it is affordable, adaptable, and stress-free, we need more of them! Another major plus is spending quality time with those you love. It entails organising a weekend full of fun, or four days, and occasionally even a week, of celebrations. Why should the party end after a few hours? Couples who decide on a destination wedding frequently choose to honeymoon there as well.
For newlywed couples, Ananya Ananda Resort even offers luxurious honeymoon packages. The resort can handle every aspect of your wedding, giving you the chance to personalise everything right down to what your guests will find in their rooms when they arrive.
Yes, you got it right! You have complete flexibility when planning your destination wedding. You won’t have to waste time coordinating with ten different vendors, choosing specific flowers over the course of many hours, or visiting various reception locations. We have a dedicated wedding team here to help you and your planner with every last detail.


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